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MoneyGram Sendbot Unveiled at Facebook’s F8 Conference

MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI) introduces the MoneyGram Sendbot™, a smart and convenient platform that allows customers in the U.S. to send money transfers to any of its 350,000 locations around the globe through Facebook Messenger.

The new product was unveiled during Facebook’s prestigious F8 Developer Conference in San Jose. MoneyGram Sendbot is another example of MoneyGram’s investment in digital products and services that allow customers to transact any way they choose.

“We are proud to introduce the MoneyGram Sendbot to offer our customers more choice and convenience when they need to send money,” said Youri Bebic, MoneyGram’s head of product innovation. “Innovation is the core to our business and the MoneyGram Sendbot is a true case of a hybrid product created to bridge the digital and physical worlds in order to promote financial inclusion. The bot is another example of MoneyGram’s commitment to making money transfers easy for our customers.”

MoneyGram Sendbot is the first full feature money transfer chatbot offering convenient services such as a “track a transfer” tool and location finder. The bot is intuitive, interactive and easy to use. Customers can access it by searching for MoneyGram in the Messenger Discover tab.

MoneyGram continues to make significant investments into its digital offerings. In 2016, digital money transfer revenue grew 16 percent over the prior year. The company’s growing suite of digital products such as MoneyGram MobilePass, MoneyGram online, kiosks and money transfers to bank accounts and mobile wallets give customers more choices when they need to send and receive money to family and friends.

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