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Wix.com Surpasses 100 Million Registered User Milestone


Wix.com Ltd. (Nasdaq: Wix) has reached a significant milestone, surpassing more than 100 million registered users. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists and businesses around the world are now using the Wix platform for website design, brand management and operations. The company has doubled its registered user base in the past two and a half years, with the United States being one of its fastest growing markets.

“Consumers and businesses want stunning websites that are simple to create and navigate,” said Nir Zohar, Wix President and COO. “Every day we ask ourselves, how can we help our users do more? By keeping that question central to everything we do, we have exceeded even our wildest growth expectations.”

Growing By Meeting Customer Needs

Wix has put meeting untapped customer needs at the center of its development philosophy and it has delivered significant results. Specifically, it addressed many of the top barriers to website design, online brand establishment and the enablement of small businesses with a powerful cloud based operating system. Significantly, over the past year, Wix has:

Launched Wix ADI – Employing artificial intelligence to simplify website design and creation.

Simplified commerce – Made its ecommerce capabilities even more attractive, bridging online and offline commerce capabilities with a Square partnership.

Provided mobile management – Allowing customers to access the powerful Wix OS via the Wix App. Wix users have created over 22 million mobile sites to date, making Wix one of the largest mobile site development platforms globally.

Introduced new tools for artists and photographers – Providing industry leading portfolio management, editing and image protection for photographers and artists.

To further celebrate the stunning websites Wix users create on a daily basis, Wix has created the global #StunningAwards to recognize the best design and creativity on the platform. The creators of three stunning sites will receive an experience of a lifetime. More details will be announced in early March.

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